Mobilife UK Ltd was started by accident ‘quite literally’. 

In 2010 one of our Directors had a life changing road traffic accident which resulted in transport by air ambulance into the amazing hands of the NHS in Birmingham. Unfortunately he lost his right leg and most of the use of his left arm. Following months in Hospital, years of surgery and rehabilitation he is now back on his feet. 

Some of the more difficult periods in his recovery was between operations when finding his mobility severely restricted. The Occupational Therapists had done a great job at the outset but over time he felt increasingly alone trying to find solutions to everyday problems. 

With only a bewildering array of websites and products on the market that all seemed so expensive he just ‘made do’. In 2015 just by chance he met some industry professionals and spent time discussing the issues he had encountered. He realised that a lot of the most stressful times he had suffered due to lack of mobility weren’t always necessary. Given the right advice for the right product there’s almost always a straight forward solution.

Prior to the accident our Director worked in marketing and technical support to the advertising industry, he decided to gather the right people together to start a new business offering only products that are tried, tested and affordable – MobilifeUK Ltd.

We hope you find the product that fits your particular requirements on our site, however if you don’t then we will always endeavour to help you and we are just a call away 0800 788 0100. Or use our contact form here: Contact Us.

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